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Society News

The IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society has
Revamped Educational Video Tutorials

Salvatore Baglio

The Instrumentation & Measurement Channel on IEEE TV at ttps:// has been updated and better focused on the scope and field of interest of the IEEE
Instrumentation and Measurement Society (IMS). Also, the Educational Video Tutorial section of the IMS website found at evts/tutorials is now showing the new video tutorials.

Here you can find fifteen exciting videos, including eight new video tutorials recently recorded by top experts in the field. Five of them cover interesting hot topics in the field of sensors and sensor networks, one is focused
on how sensors and measurement systems can be inspired by nature, and one presents a new hot topic in metrology: forensic metrology. Please visit these pages and enjoy the videos.

Video tutorials are separated in two main classes: Expert Series and Classroom Series. Expert Series video tutorials cover advanced topics in the area of instrumentation and measurements (I&M) and are given by very well know experts in the specific field. Classroom Series video tutorials are presented by students (with the supervision of the Professor) and focus on theoretical or experimental aspects of basic knowledge in the I&M field.

Invitation to Submit I&M Video Tutorials
If you wish to submit a proposal for a new Expert Series or Classroom Series video, please visit the related page on the IMS web page at proposal will be reviewed by the Editorial Board with the help of expert reviewers. If accepted, you may record your video with your own audio/video facilities or attend one of the video recording stages that will be organized at selected I&M conferences.

The print article contains photographs from at I2MTC 2016.

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Trimble Navigation Limited

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Marvin Test Systems


Omega Engineering, Inc.

Virginia Panel Corporation


Astronics DME Corportation

Pickering Interfaces Inc.

RADX Technologies, Inc.

Zurich Instruments AG

To all Companies,
Please send your “New Products” information for possible inclusion in the IEEE I&M Magazine to:

Robert M. Goldberg
1360 Clifton Ave.
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