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The Bordeaux Student Branch
BEE Week: Bordeaux, France
Nov. 15-17, 2017

Daniel Pasquet

Founded in January, 2014 by Ph.D. students of the Integration from Material to Systems Laboratory, the BEE Branch is the IEEE Student Branch of Bordeaux. The BEE Branch aims at showing students in electronics engineering how they can benefit from the activities and membership in IEEE. For this sake, the BEE Branch organized three days of scientific interactions, featuring all of our students' chapters, lecturers, workshops and poster sessions that align with the actual stakes in Electronic Engineering. 

This event was called the BEE Week and took place in the historical cloister of the Domaine du Haut-Carré in the University of Bordeaux from November 15-17, 2017. BEE Week was organized into six half-day sessions. Each session was based on an IEEE Chapter theme related to an IEEE Society:  Circuits and Systems (CAS-S), Solid State Circuits (SSC-S), Microwave
Theory and Technique (MTT-S), Instrumentation and Measurement (IM-S), Antennas and Propagation (AP-S) and Engineering for Medicine and Biology (EMB-S). This event gathered nearly one hundred people over three days, including more than fifty IEEE members.

The day of MTT-S and IM-S was introduced by the President of IEEE France, Frédérique Vallée. His speech aimed at explaining to non-IEEE members what IEEE is and what benefits 
they could get by joining the organization.

The BEE Branch had the opportunity to have the Region 8 IM-S Representative Prof. Sergio Rapuano, 2017 Chapter Chair Liaison, present the IM-S activities and mission for 2018. Then, the Distinguished Lecturer Prof. Octavian Adrian Postolache provided a talk on “Smart Tailored Environments for Neuro-Motor Rehabilitation Monitoring in IoT Era.”  Finally, the French IM-S Chapter took the opportunity to organize its general assembly which was moderated by Prof.
Daniel Pasquet, French IM-S Chapter Chair.

The print article contains several photographs.