Instrumentation and Measurement in 2020 

Bruno Andò

Dear Readers, 
It is a real pleasure for me to welcome you to this special issue of the Magazine on “Instrumentation and Measurement in 2020.”

This is a good opportunity for me to remind to us of the mission of I&M Magazine: “Being the gateway for communicating the vision of the I&M Society on Instrumentation and Measurement, highlighting Open Problems as well as Challenging and Hot Topics.”

Generally speaking, the Magazine has the goal of providing easy-to-achieve surveys and overviews of novel trends in Instrumentation and Measurement (IM) to a wide engineering audience, in order to promote and encourage further research and development in IM. This is why we recently decided to follow a thematic approach through yearly issues, talking, among other subjects, about:
•    Basic metrology and measurement theory
•    Measurement methodologies
•    Instrumentation and sensors
•    Measurement applications
•    Hot topics in IM

This issue aims to celebrate IM in 2020. This is a strategic year addressed by many institutions as a mandatory milestone to resume the state of the art and to promote the development of promising technology. And this is exactly the scope of this issue, which would like to put the focus on mandatory and challenging subjects in the field of IM, from Basic Metrology to IOT, Big Data and Artificial intelligence, analyzing future trends and opportunities.

I would really like to thank all of my colleagues who have contributed to the realization of this “special issue,” providing unique readings on such strategic topics.

I’m confident you’ll enjoy the articles in this issue.