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Wendy Van Moer

A few more weeks and we will say goodbye to 2017… A year to remember with a lot of fun but also some sadness again. At this exact moment, September 2017, writing this editorial, I received the very sad news that we lost a good colleague and friend, Professor Sergey Kharkovsky. Sergey was an Associate Editor for our Transactions since 2008 and also Associate Editor-in-Chief in 2014. But above all of that, he was a splendid researcher and a dedicated person, ready to help at all times. We will all truly miss him.

In these four years of being Editor-in-Chief, I have been writing too many ‘Goodbyes’ for all of our colleagues and friends we have lost. It makes me realize that we should enjoy life as much as we possibly can and really take some time to listen and talk to each other. So please, put down this magazine for a moment, take a coffee break and talk to some colleagues about daily things instead of work related issues.

Afterwards come back, because you will also enjoy this issue of Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine, which is all about industry!  Our guest editor is Professor Simone Corbellini from the Politecnico di Torino. He was responsible for the Industry Day at the 2017 International Instrumentation and Measurement Conference (I2MTC). It was a great pleasure and honor to work with him, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank him for his dedication and valuable time.

We don’t know what 2018 will bring us, but we know for sure that our Magazine will handle interesting topics!

I wish you all a peaceful ending of 2017 and a splendid beginning to 2018!

Groetjes, Wendy

Guest Editorial

The Pervasive Role of Measurements in the Industrial World

Simone Corbellini

Something that often delights researchers working in the measurement field is the strong multidisciplinarity that characterizes applied metrology. The diversity of contexts and aims makes this measurement discipline always amazing and stimulating.  This becomes much more evident when dealing with the challenging problems and requirements typically encountered in real industrial situations. In these cases, the crucial role of metrology fully comes into the spotlight, becoming the real referee between quality and cost, and at the same time, the only player able to provide industries with some of the instruments necessary to reach their goal.

The Industry Day at the 2017 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC), which collected papers focused on new applications of instrumentation, methods and measurement technologies connected with the industrial world, was by no means different. 

The examples in this issue, which are taken from this broad industry field, span from topics close to our daily life on Earth to those apparently more far from us, connected with space and astrodynamics.  A paper presents an innovative bench for measuring parameters that characterize performance and reliability of drones, whose use is greatly increasing in our lives. Another paper deals with laser metrology for the next generation of gravity satellites, whose challenging aim is to monitor temporal variations of the Earth’s gravity field, related for example, to internal geophysical processes or to mass transport produced by the water cycle.

These applications clearly show the importance of a continuous collaboration between metrologists, academia and industry researchers, especially when uncertainty and reliability of data are critical elements. In this scenario, a third paper deals in detail with metrology of decisions and the importance of Smart Metrology in the 4.0 industrial world of the Big Data era in which we live.

Enjoy the reading!

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