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The IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine has the goal of providing readable introductions and overviews of methodologies, technologies and applications in the field of Instrumentation and Measurement to a wide engineering audience.

To such aim many special issues are dedicated to specific hot and challenging topics in the Instrumentation and Measurement framework.

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IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine Archive

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December 2020: Measurement and Networking
November 2020: Overview of I&M Technical Committees Activities
October 2020: Interesting Topics in the I&M Framework (Hot Topics!)
September 2020: Instrumentation and Measurement in 2020: Part B (Hot Topics!)
August 2020: Highlights from AUTOTESTCON 2019
June 2020: Instrumentation and Measurement for Human Care
May 2020: Instrumentation and Measurement in 2020 Part A
April 2020: I&M Around the World: Highlighting IEEE Region 8, Europe and Middle East
February 2020: Nonlinear Dynamics in Measurement Systems: Might it Help?
December 2019: I&M in the Internet-of-Things Era
October 2019: Sensors of Polymers
August 2019: Highlights from AUTOTESTCON 2018
June 2019: The Revised SI has Arrived!
April 2019: I&M Around the World: Australia and New Zealand
February 2019: I&M in the Automotive Industry
December 2018: Metrology for Industry 4.0 and IoT
October 2018: Future of I&M
August 2018: Highlighting Topics from AUTOTESTCON 2017
June 2018: The Role of I&M in STEM Education
April 2018: I&M Around the World: Africa
February 2018: FabLabs around the World
December 2017: I&M in Industry
October 2017: Big Data in Instrumentation and Measurement
August 2017: Highlighting Selected Papers from AUTOTESTCON 2016 and Beyond
June 2017: I&M for Farmers All Over the World
April 2017: I&M Around the World: Latin America
February 2017: I&M in CSI
December 2016: Back to Basics: Instrumentation
October 2016: Is There a Doctor in the House? A Special Issue on Medical Measurements and Applications
August 2016: AUTOTESTCON 2015
June 2016: Women in I&M
April 2016: I&M Around the World: Region 10
February 2016: Instrumentation and Measurement in the World of Food
December 2015: The Power of Calibration
August 2015: AUTOTEST 2014: A Forum of Innovations
June 2015: Instrumentation and Measurement in Space
April 2015: Future of Telecommunication World
February 2015: Smart Energy Measurements
December 2014: Measurement: The Bridge between Reality and Theories
October 2014: Weather Forecasting
August 2014: A Sample of Innovations from AUTOTESTCON 2013
June 2014: Health Care: Physician meets Engineer
April 2014: Alternative Energy
February 2014: I&M Technology at CERN
December 2013: Energy: Instrumentation and Measurement for Petroleum Drilling
June 2013: Signal Processing: I&M Systems in Nuclear, Battery, and Underground Environments
February 2013: Uncertainty
December 2012: Measurement Technologies
October 2012: Ongoing Education: Focusing on Today's Topics
August 2012: A Sample of Highlights from AUTOTESTCON 2011
June 2012: Timing and Synchronization
April 2012: Measurements in the World at Large
February 2012: Sensors and Sensor Networks
December 2011: Measurement Technologies from Past to Present
October 2011: Ongoing Education
August 2011: AUTOTESTCON 2010 Technical Highlights
June 2011: Biometric Indentification and Looking Forward to AUTOTESTCON
April 2011: Processors for Measurements
February 2011: Noise in Measurements
December 2010: Measurement Technologies
October 2010: Ongoing Education
August 2010: AUTOTESTCON 2009 Technical Highlights
June 2010: Nanotechnology
April 2010: Sensors
December 2009: A Novel Network to Monitor Earthquakes
October 2009: Ongoing Education
August 2009: AUTOTESTCON 2008 Technical Highlights
June 2009: NIST History and Robotics
April 2009: Extreme Instrumentation for Extreme Environments
February 2009: Interfaces
December 2008: Distributed Systems
October 2008: Ongoing Education
August 2008: AUTOTESTCON 2007
June 2008: The World of Measurements
April 2008: The IEEE 1451 Standards
February 2008: Systems and System of Systems
December 2007: Processing within Instrumentation